Friday, September 29, 2006

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Well, I'm 32. Wow. For some reason that just sounds so dang grown up. Guess it's official.

And I'm discovering more every day that being a grown up comes with a lot of tough stuff.

I spent my 32nd birthday sitting by the phone waiting for updates on my grandmother who was back in the hospital a day after beginning treatment for a brain tumor. That evening we spent a couple hours in the hospital, pacing the hallways, watching Betsy run carefree through the corridors, oblivious to the suffering going on all around her. I envied her.

Grandma looked so sick, so old. I've rarely seen anyone look so much like they were dying. It made me feel a heavy, black, poisonous cloud had settled over me. That's one of the worst things about watching a loved one suffer. It colors everything... even the happiest, funniest moments are shadowed with sadness. I find myself looking at the early colors of fall in the trees and wondering if this is the last time Grandma will see the red maples and feel the crisp autumn air. I look at the sweet smile of my daughter and realize that she probably won't remember her great-grandmother whose name she bears.

And I find myself angry. I'm not one to get angry often. But this all seems so unfair and evil and horrid. Why does my sweet grandmother, who has lived her life so generously and lovingly, have to suffer something so insidious. There are no answers. And that makes me angry too.

And yet...

My daughter lifts her face to mine every day and puckers her little lips and kisses me with a face full of joy. She points to the sky and declares "moon" to the silver cresent hanging in the soft blue. She suddenly knows how to hold the phone to her ear and pretend to talk. She can say "fish." She is full of life and wonder and I can't help but smile, even in the shadow.

My husband holds me close. He smells of toothpaste and lotion and feels like home. He thinks I'm beautiful even in sweat pants and a ponytail. He wants to set up a weekly date night. He is in love with his little daughter and she feels safe and loved in his arms. I am blessed.

My parents wished me a happy birthday a dozen times, with apologetic smiles, wishing that it could have been a day of celebration instead of one of stress and sadness. The present Mom had ordered for me didn't come in time so she went and bought me something else so I'd have a present to open. They love me so much...tearing up whenever we have to part.

And so...growing up is hard to do. But there is joy in the midst of the sadness. There is sweet in the midst of the bitter. And there is hope that one day, as my Daddy said this weekend, we will arrive in that land where the shadows all flee and there will be no more tears, no more sickness, and no more goodbyes. Until then we hold each the Father of the our Savior and Lover of our Souls.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Myron and his they look alike or what? Posted by Picasa

Betsy and Daddy doing some work together on Daddy's Blackberry Posted by Picasa

Gimme that camera! Posted by Picasa

All cozy and ready for my walk with Daddy and Gideon!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Help for Maria's "Children"

My beautiful niece Maria spent several weeks this summer in South Africa ministering to some precious children who had been orphaned and who are now in the loving care of an incredible woman who is dedicating her life to helping these little ones. Maria just heard from her and she is in desperate need of financial help. Please check out Maria's blog for information on how you can help!

Poor red, sore, runny nose...ugh. Posted by Picasa

Cute even with a cold! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006

Big, big Betsy

Betsy had her 12 month checkup this morning...she is one big gal:

28 pounds 6 oz
30 1/2 inches tall
19 inch head

That's 97th percentile in weight and head and 95th in height. The doctor said no one will believe that she's only one! :)

But she is very healthy other than the little cold/sore throat that she woke up with. Afraid she got that from Mommy.

Her latest new tricks include saying "moon" and looking out the window for it, playing with golf balls and saying "ball," kissing on the lips, brushing her hair with a brush and wiping her nose with Kleenex. She also likes to wash herself with a washcloth in the bathtub. She can turn around and go backward down stairs and is walking everywhere.

Right now she's sitting in her toy corner looking at books and laughing. She's so much fun, even with a runny nose!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More reading in the toy corner Posted by Picasa

Cutie in white  Posted by Picasa

Daddy's girl Posted by Picasa

Look at my neat polka dot slippers! Posted by Picasa

Pretty in pink Posted by Picasa

Look at my polka dot slippers! Posted by Picasa

Gideon is a good "big brother" for his little sister...SO tolerant!  Posted by Picasa

Gideon makes a great pillow! Posted by Picasa

Look what I can do, Gideon! Posted by Picasa

There's nothing like napping with your big yellow dog. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hannah with her new cute haircut (she started it in her room, playing hair salon...and the hairdresser finished it for her!) Posted by Picasa

Mommy and Betsy getting ready to go to the Baby Expo at the mall! Posted by Picasa

Such a big girl! Posted by Picasa

Look at my new purple velvet Winnie the Pooh pantsuit! Posted by Picasa

Daddy and Mark--Mark made a beautiful bookshelf for Betsy as a gift. Posted by Picasa

Vona laughing...Betsy loves her friend Vona! Posted by Picasa

Our friends Lori and Hannah playing My Little Pony at our house! Posted by Picasa

Drinking out of my new straw cup, having a picnic at the park. Posted by Picasa

Betsy: Self-portrait Posted by Picasa