Friday, August 31, 2007

More pictures

Running prettily

Pretty girl

She said that these were her goggles for swimming underwater....

Laughing at Veggie Tales

My cute girl and cute man after the wedding....

Clapping for the bubbles

Gotta love lacy socks and patent leather Mary Janes!

Just haven't had the time or energy...

to blog for awhile....

Grandma passed away on July 12 and I have been wanting to write down my thoughts about the whole experience, but it's just been too hard to do. I think I'll let it sit for awhile until I have a little more perspective.

Secondly in a whirlwind series of events we made the decision to move to the Cincinnati, OH area! We worked every waking minute for about 2 weeks on our house and it's been on the market for two weeks now. We've made one house-hunting trip to OH so far. Myron starts his new job down there on the 10th so we'll be living apart except for weekends for awhile. Sigh...I am NOT looking forward to that.

Anyhow...thought I'd at least post a few recent pics for those of you who care and have been annoyed by the lack of activity! I know there's probably a whole 2 of you! ;)

One of my favorite pics of all time...such a pretty girl

Betsy and her cousin Alexa looking at flowers

Betsy hanging out with her favorite guy besides Daddy...Grandpa!

My beautiful cousin Miranda and her new husband Ben

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Two!

Betsy officially turns 2 years old in about 30 minutes from now.

It is nothing short of a miracle when you think that only 2 short years ago she was brand new to the world and couldn't even hold her own head up.

Today she chatted and ran, played on the swings and slide at the playground, cleaned her plate at lunch and dinner, and had a birthday ice cream cone at Jersey Junction. She hugged and kissed her Mommy and Daddy and told us that she loved us. She sang. She jumped. She made funny faces. She learned to hold up just two fingers so she can proudly show her age.

What a gift. Happy Birthday, Little Love!

P.S. I have many, many pictures to post from the past month and a half and lots of news...just been too busy to do it!