Saturday, February 26, 2005

I can't believe I just saw that

On my way home from a special trip to Taco Bell to satisfy a pregnancy craving, I'm sitting at a stop light, minding my own business when I happen to notice something. A guy, two lanes over, with his window all the way down (it's only 25 degrees here today) seems to be picking his nose. Now, that's not all that unusual. I've probably done it before too (although it seemed kind of brazen to be doing it with your window down while sitting right beside other cars at a stoplight!) Then I did a double take. Not only was this 50ish man picking his nose right there for everyone to see...he was stopping to take a look at his find and then proceeding to stash his find in his mouth.


Thankfully my craving for my soft tacos is mostly outweighing the disgust. So now that I've grossed you out I'm going to forget I saw this and try to enjoy my lunch!

Oh my.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's a stinky, stinky world

I never realized how much the world stinks.

I don't mean figuratively as in "What's this world coming to?"

I mean it literally is P.U. stinky.

At least when you're pregnant. Ugh.

Inside stinks. Outside stinks. I stink. My dog stinks. Food stinks. My pillow stinks. Air freshener stinks. My hands stink when I wake up in the morning. My towels stink. Ugh. Everything stinks.

They say that your sense of smell is heightened so that you're naturally careful about avoiding things that would be bad for the baby if you breathed them in. Right now, according to that logic, it's bad to breathe, period. I hope this doesn't last all nine months. Blah.

So if I run into you somewhere and I suddenly back away with my fingers under my nose, don't be offended. It's not's me. It's the stinky, stinky world of pregnancy. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Just for fun

Make your portrait in Japanese animation! :) Great way to waste time!

Friday, February 11, 2005

First Trimester--Pregnant or Just a Long Bout of Flu?

The first trimester of pregnancy should just be called "Three months of Ick." Thankfully I am having more good days than bad now, but it sure does get tiring to constantly feel like you're coming down with the stomach flu. And the medicine my doctor mercifully gave me helps, but also acts as a sedative causing me to sleep most of my life away. Like I said--Three Long Months of Ick.

But, when I'm feeling the most sorry for myself, I try to remember that this feeling is part of creation and not destruction. Feeling sick means that the hormones are forming my little one just like they are supposed to. A lot of people around the world right now are feeling this same way--or worse--because they are fighting cancer or some other disease that is trying to destroy them. My feelings mean the opposite and I am immensely thankful for that. A blessing disguised.

In case anyone is keeping track, here are a few stats of Baby Detweiler's gestations thus far:

Age: 10 weeks
Development Status: About one inch long, maybe a quarter of an ounce in weight, and yet all Baby's vital organs are in place, its fingers and toes are there, its heart is beating and its brain is working. Wonder what a 10 week old unborn baby thinks about?
Checkups: Had first one two weeks ago and all is well so far. Uterus is sitting snugly on my bowels making #2's an every once in a while happening. Oh well. Next checkup is at 13 weeks--hoping to hear the heartbeat this time--it was too little to hear over my own and the gurgle of my intestines this time. Ewww...not something you really want to hear amplified.
Cravings: Fresh pineapple (NOT canned); pasta; orange sherbet; broccoli cheddar soup; olives; Greek salad (except I have to forgo my beloved feta cheese for now)
Smells that gross me out: Gideon, my dog (he needs a bath!); certain air fresheners; mingled food smells in the fridge; cigarette smoke
Weight Loss: 14 pounds (that's right--loss; guess that will turn its self around soon enough. Husband looked at my rear last night and said that all my cellulite curds are gone. We decided that the baby ate the curds and husband commented, "Good Baby!")

Well, that's it for now. I'm actually feeling hungry right now and WANT to eat so I better go take advantage of the feeling! :)