Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Betsy!! Posted by Picasa

Taking monkey for a ride in my new shopping cart from Grandma and Grandpa! Posted by Picasa

One of the presents Betsy picked out for herself...another stuffed monkey! Posted by Picasa

Betsy about to open her first birthday present! Posted by Picasa

What a nice let's get down to the wrapping paper ripping! Posted by Picasa

Grandma got me this pretty outfit for my you like it? Posted by Picasa

All these presents are for me? Really?! Posted by Picasa

My first book about Notre Dame! Thanks Uncle Joel and Aunt Wendy! Posted by Picasa

Learning all about Daddy's favorite college team in my new Notre Dame book! Posted by Picasa

Grandpa John, Uncle Joel, Aunt Wendy, Stokely and Gideon watching Betsy open presents. Posted by Picasa

Gift wrap...neato! Posted by Picasa

Oh...this is cool! Posted by Picasa

Let's open more presents! Posted by Picasa

Checking out parts of my new scooter... Posted by Picasa

Gideon and Stokely sleeping through the party. Posted by Picasa

Does the handle go here? On my foot? Posted by Picasa

It takes Grandma Karen, Grandpa John, Daddy, Uncle Joel AND Stokely to put together my new toy! Posted by Picasa

Our sweet little gal Posted by Picasa

Grandpa John playing with Stokely during the festivities. Posted by Picasa

This spinny thing is my favorite part of this whole toy! Posted by Picasa

Aunt Wendy, Uncle Joel and Mommy helping me figure out my new toy. Posted by Picasa

Checking out all the gadgets on my new car. Posted by Picasa

What does this do? Posted by Picasa

This thing is amazing... Posted by Picasa

Oooo...this thing spins! Posted by Picasa