Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Moments

No overarching theme here...just some random pictures. :)

New apple pjs

Sweet gingham dress (although she's so tall now it's pretty much a shirt.)

"Take a picture of me in my hat."

Like father like...puppy. :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lovely Evening

We spent Saturday night with my best friend Rachael and her husband Jonathan and her cutie little boy Benjamin. They have a beautiful house they've built mostly with their own hands on several acres in the wilds of Southern Indiana. Her two brothers, parents and grandmother all live in the same area...they own about 200 acres between all of them. It was a great time...and so great to know that they're only an hour away now!

Relaxing in the sunny dining room. Rachael's parents Charlene and Paul joined us too. It was fun to catch up. (Rachael and I have been best friends since kindergarten so her parents have known me most of my life!)

Benjamin making Betsy crack up.

Fast friends

Cute boy

Betsy getting to know their bunny Cinnamon. Cinnamon left a few little "gifts" on the carpet and Benjamin quickly scooped them up in his little hands and offered them to Myron. (Myron threw them in the bunny's litter box.) Myron explained to Betsy that they were rabbit pellets. Later she told me, "Daddy helped put those things in the box." I said, "He picked up the rabbit poos, didn't he." She said, "Those aren't poos, they're rabbit pillows."

Stop with the xylophone already before I strangle you! (I think he's actually trying to hug her, but it certainly looks like he's fed up with her playing!)

Posing--isn't he a handsome little man!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Bubble Blowing Betsy Boo

Betsy has just become an expert bubble blower. And check out those humidity-induced curls. If only my hair looked BETTER when it was humid!

My Sweetie in Summertime

Summertime is here and we were able to break out the sundresses for church last Sunday. This particular dress was actually mine...looks pretty good for being 30 years old!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Gideon went running into our side yard tonight and began circling something that I feared was a dead animal that he would try to make a snack. When I went to check it out I found this:

A snapping turtle about as big as my two hands was just hanging out in the grass. Gideon got too close and got a good nose snap. Betsy was smarter and kept a safe distance. :)

Last weekend we were walking at the forest preserve and I nearly stuck my face into a five foot long snake that was stretched out on a branch that was hanging at eye level.

We got wildlife down here in Ohio! ;)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More Funny Stuff from Our Gal Betsy

Here are some recent gems from our funny little girl:

Betsy does some funny pretending when she doesn't know you're's quite entertaining. The other day she was in the bathtub and I sat outside the door and wrote down what she said:

"Little girl? Little girl named Betsy, where are you? Here I am, over here, making tea for your birthday. Wow! That's a lot of tea for me!"

"For this recipe I need more blueberries. It's a yummy blueberry pie."

"Red crayon, go up ahead and see some more fish! Whee! Whee!"

"My buggy-wuggy wants to teach us a dance! Step one--wooo! Great job!"

Singing: "I'm the est-i-best!"

Betsy found a penny in the front yard.
Me: You're really good at finding pennies!
Betsy: I know! It's like magic, actually!
Betsy folded a piece of paper in half and dropped coins through the fold. She showed me and said, "I have to teach you something. It's pretty cool."
She said that she was the cow jumping over the moon. Then she said, "I falled on it. I smushed it. I better make a new one."
While taking a walk in the woods Betsy said, "This is fantastic!...Fantastic is Spanish for hello."
Betsy gave me a big hug and said, "And the story is, Mommy and Betsy lived happily ever after."
Her marker wasn't working so she held it up to me and said, "I don't think this marker is feeling very well today."
She was leaning on the side table and lifting her feet off the floor and she said, "I'm good at pretending to fly like an angel."
While at Home Depot buying paint: "That sign says, 'Do not paint the bathroom black.'"
While I was praying before supper Betsy interrupted me in a whisper and said, "And thank God for the caterpillars."
Betsy asked for Life cereal for breakfast. "Life jacket and Life cereal...they rhyme!"
I said something to Gideon and Betsy thought I was calling her Gideon. She said, "I'm not Gideon. I'm Betsy. I have a blue shirt...and a face...and a nose."
And finally...
Last night we spent a good half hour sitting underneath the basement stairs listening to the tornado sirens blare while some really nasty thunderstorms came through. Betsy was pretty scared. Once it had passed and we got her into bed Myron went to say goodnight. She was nearly asleep but said to him, "Thank you for keeping me safe from the storm."

Precious little gal.