Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sign of the Times...

Betsy and I just got back from the playground (where we met a bunch of cute kids who readily introduced themselves and told us all about their favorite everything...while their moms didn't even say hi. I actually tried to strike up a conversation with a couple of the moms but they just sort of smiled uncomfortably and went back to chat with their own friends. Sigh. Do I stink?!).

I had to crack up as we were sitting there playing in the sand in the shade of the slide and nearby two preschool boys were having this conversation:

Boy 1: I'm allergic to grass.
Boy 2: Yeah, me too.
Boy 1: My cousin is allergic to peanut butter AND grass.

I know that I NEVER had a conversation about what I was allergic to when I was 4 years old!

Betsy is probably going to be allergic to swings now...she fell off of it twice. Thankfully there was lots of sand underneath, but she landed pretty hard on her back and bumped her head the second time. Nothing a cool washcloth, some ice cold apple juice, and cartoons can't heal though.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a few more...

Pretty girl

New yellow flowers

Smiling at the butterflies

Betsy's watering can

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Our roses started blooming this weekend! Isn't God amazing...what beauty!

Pizza making with Daddy

Betsy loves cooking with Daddy. And he's so patient with her. What a great Dad! :)

Squeezing on the sauce

Sprinkling the cheese

Welcome, Summer!

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend with my parents. On Saturday night we watched Uncle Linford and Auntie Karin perform the debut show at the new National City Pavilion. It was a great show, but would have been more fun if we'd had a babysitter. Betsy did pretty well all things considered, but halfway through she was declaring, "I'm just very, very tired!" and "Are we done yet?"

Sunday we went downtown to see the butterfly exhibit at Eden Park. It was neat, but packed! Here are a few pics...

My dad is not going to be thrilled with this picture! :P
It was really warm and bright as you can see from Dad's squinting and Betsy's eye-shielding! And look at how color coordinated they all are...completely a that crazy or what?!

Poor Betsy...getting tired and hot.

Grandma, Mommy and Betsy amongst the butterflies (hey...Dad actually got in the picture too...holding Mom's purse. What a good guy!)

The lovely flowers in the butterfly exhibit...I think there's a monarch hiding in there too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring Saturday

Here's how Betsy spends her spring Saturdays at home...

Practicing her fake smile for the papparazzi...

Looking at things from a new perspective...

Marveling at the beauty of God's creation...

Soaking up some sun with a good friend...

Looking really, really cute...

Giggling in the garden...

Jumping for joy...

And again...

And once again...

And finally...taking a rest in the green grass with the yellow dog

Gideon enjoyed himself too...Good boy! :)

Home Improvement

Here are the results of our first painting project in our new house. We painted the half bath a sage green. The pictures don't really do it looks quite nice! (Except for the white patch behind the toilet that we missed...gotta touch that up!)

Before: (plain looks peach in this picture but that's just the light)


Next we're going to do the upstairs full bath in the same color. It's fun to have a neutral colored house that I can decorate the way I want!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I managed to see both my Mamas this Mother's Day week! Betsy and I made a quick overnight trip to my mom's to go to the Mother Daughter Banquet with her at her church (I hadn't been to one of those since I was in high school, probably!)

Mom, Betsy and I

The best Mother's Day gift ever.

Betsy's new favorite toys...a rubbery lizard and frog from the Dollar Store. Grandma knows what our girl likes!

On Saturday we all headed over to Orrville, OH to spend the weekend with Mama Detweiler. We had a really nice time. On Sunday Myron and his oldest brother Conrad cooked a wonderful dinner for us moms and we shared it at the community center at Mom's retirement village. We had a delicious glazed ham, mashed potatoes, a gourmet mix of green beans, asparagus, yellow peppers and black olives courtesy of Conrad (who really should be a chef...he's makes some amazing food!). It was delicious and I stuffed myself!

The whole gang chowing down!

Betsy, Grandma Ruth and I before church.

Betsy all dressed up for church and doing some drawing.

Oh, Grandma! Happy Mother's Day!

Grandma Ruth with sister-in-law Kathy's parents, the Witmers.

Kathy reading her Mother's Day card from her 5 wonderful kids.

My pretty girl

Conrad and Mom relaxing after a big meal.

Pretty niece Hannah...I caught her making a funny face!

Handsome nephew Jonathan

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Where's Waldo (the White Tail)

Can you spot the deer in this picture? I tried to sneak out into the backyard and get a better pic but Waldo (or Wilma, probably) saw me and slowly made her way deeper into the trees.

All you can really see is one leg...

I love having wildlife right outside my back door! :)

A few more pictures...

Here are a few more random pictures for fun...

Betsy's deer impression...

Both our kids are tuckered out after a day at Uncle Linford and Auntie Karin's farm

Picture by Betsy's pal Eli

Betsy's First Crush

Myron's boss Bill and his sweet wife Cindy and their fourth grader Eli came for dinner last night. I think Betsy officially has her first crush...she wanted Eli to go everywhere with her and to show him all her toys and books and her best dance moves. He's a great kid who takes a real interest in her and really plays with her. He will soon be the big brother of a little girl from China and she's going to be a blessed little girl to have such a great brother (Eli has two older brothers too so she'll be protected and watched over her whole life, I'm sure!)

The cute "couple" :)

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Sweetest, Cutest Illustration of Child-like Faith Ever

Visit to Grandma Ruth

We made a quick trip last weekend to visit with Grandma Ruth. Those of us that live close are trying to visit often to help Mom as she grieves the loss of Dad and adjusts to life alone. She's doing well...she has a great network of church friends and family that are loving her and keeping her busy. While we were washing dishes together one day I said that it was hard to believe that Dad wasn't going to come in the door any minute and she began to cry saying, "I know, the tears are always right there, ready to come." I think it's part of her personality to put on a brave face and not get too emotional in front of people. We're all trying to give her space and permission to really grieve though. If you think of it, send up a little prayer for her today.

Betsy and cousin Rachel...she's one of Betsy's favorite cousins!

Betsy and Grandma enjoying cake and ice cream at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Conrad's house

Betsy cuddling her new fawn...thanks Aunt Sherry for the special gift!

Our spring beauty in the green, green grass

Enjoying the warm breeze

Running barefoot in cool, soft that's the life!