Friday, September 30, 2005

Ready for our evening walk with Gideon! Posted by Picasa

Baby cute! Posted by Picasa

Fascinated by something on the ceiling...don't ask me what...but she thought it was cool whatever it was! Posted by Picasa

Relaxing after her bath...cute clean baby! Posted by Picasa

Betsy burping Posted by Picasa

Our good friends Heidi and Matt brought us a yummy dinner and played with Betsy all evening. Betsy loves her Uncle Matt and Aunt Heidi! Posted by Picasa

The beautiful roses Myron bought for me for my birthday. The color is called "Antique Brass." Gorgeous! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Betsy is One Month Old...and Mommy's Just Plain Old!

Betsy is now a whole month old! Wow...that went fast! She gave us her first real smile on Sunday when Daddy was talking to her. She is definitely a Daddy's girl already. She's also holding her head up a lot more and seems to be looking with interest at the world around her. She is especially fascinated by the fish toys that hang on her swing since they are translucent and catch the light. It is so fun to watch her discover and grow each day.

I had a milestone of my own yesterday. I turned 31. What a year it has been! I had a very nice birthday thanks to my wonderful husband. He bought me some beautiful peach roses, a bag of Milano cookies, a bottle of my favorite wine (which I will only have a little of, I promise!) and the book "Captivating." It's written by the same guy who wrote "Wild at Heart" and his wife and it is incredible. It's all about finding the heart that God created in you as a woman and how to see His glory and image in your identity as a woman. It's not another one of those "how to be the Proverbs 31 woman" books that make you feel guilty. It's all about discovering your uniqueness and finding joy in who you were created to be. I really needed to read that right now since my identity has changed so drastically in the past month!

Also yesterday our friend Mark brought over his gift for Betsy...a beautiful oak bookcase that he made himself! What a special gift! Myron is staining it to match the crib and dresser today. I can't wait to get it in the nursery and fill it with all the books we've gotten.

Another great gift that's on its way is my friend Jodi from Oregon! She's coming to see me in about 3 weeks! Yippee!!

And finally, yesterday, I got a summons for jury duty! That's a first for me. I am sending a letter asking to be excused, though, for obvious reasons! Unless they want to put Betsy on the jury too so I can breastfeed during court proceedings, I don't think that would work! :)

My parents still haven't heard anything about the job Dad interviewed for and they are feeling rather frustrated. Keep praying for them during this time of uncertainty.

Well, my little one month old princess has awakened and is wondering where her lunch is! Coming, your highness!

Tiny toes Posted by Picasa

Kicking back in my vibrating bouncy seat...awwww, this is the life. Posted by Picasa

Big's tiring being a baby! Posted by Picasa

Whoa...extreme closeup! Posted by Picasa

Hi, Mommy...I'm working on a smile for you! Posted by Picasa

Wow...look at those fish...neato! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

After I took this picture I began thinking about how just like our precious daughter can completely abandon herself to sleep in her father's arms, our Father God wants us to love and trust Him put ourselves into His strong arms and know that He will hold us and keep us safe. What a wonderful God we have who can show us His love through the people in our lives...especially through our children. Posted by Picasa

Here's Betsy during one of the few moments she wasn't crying yesterday! We were trying to get a shot of her crazy hair that dried into wild curls after her bath, but it didn't show up! Posted by Picasa

Betsy's Very Bad, Rotten, No Good Day

Whew...yesterday was tough. Poor little Betsy was struggling. She wanted to eat about every hour and a half, then she would drift into a fitful sleep for a few mintues and wake up screaming. She was also spitting up a lot. This went on all day. Daddy finally made a Walgreens run at 10 pm for some gas drops. That seemed to help somewhat. Not sure what was going on. She is much calmer today, thank the Lord!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Prayer Request

My Dad interviewed for a job in Charlotte, MI a week ago. He thought the interview went very well, and think he has a good a chance as any of the other couple people that interviewed to get it. This would be a great job for him, for several reasons:
1) It would enable my parents to move up here to Michigan, where they can see us and my brother and his wife more often.
2) This job doesn't require as much heavy lifting, as does his current job.
3) It would allow my Dad to work in a shop that is in a lot less turmoil than the one where he works in Winchester. They have a large amount of steady work, a technologically updated plant, and reasonable, encouraging management, all of which would be improvements over his current shop.
So I'd ask you to pray that the people making the decision would decide to hire my Dad for this job. Thanks.

(Thanks to my brother for this post...I copied it from his blog!)


Yesterday I experienced what can only be my official initiation (more like hazing!) into Mommyhood!

Myron was gone most of the day for a well-deserved 18 holes of golf after doing baby duty in the morning so I could sleep in, so I spent most of the day alone with Betsy. From about 1:30 to 3 she and I napped. Then we got up and took Gideon for a walk. Here's where the initiation began:

1. Walking a 75 pound dog with one hand and trying to steer a stroller with the other is very, very hard. Also, make darn sure that you put the brake on the stoller before you go to the trash can to throw away dog poo. I turned around to see my daughter rolling gently down the hill--boy did I run! Agh!

2. We get home. Betsy goes in her swing while I get Gideon some food and water. Minutes later Gideon is hacking at the door and throwing up all the water he just drank. I let him out and proceed to clean up after him.

3. Dog barf successfully cleaned up. I go back into the office where Betsy is resting in her swing and notice that there is something yellow on her face, and all over her side and all over the swing. Poo has exploded out of her diaper while I was tending to the dog barf!

4. I take Betsy to the changing table, take off her poo covered clothes and change her and put her in the car seat so I can go get bath water ready for her.

5. The entire time I am preparing her bath she cries like there's no tomorrow. When I finally get her to put her in the bath her little face is covered in tears. It's the hardest she's cried in her whole little life and I feel so bad for her!

6. Betsy cries off and on through most of her bath which is not normal for her...she's really upset. My heart is breaking.

7. With baby finally clean and redressed I take her upstairs to nurse. While I'm nursing her the left lens of my glasses falls out.

8. I manage to get the lens back in and screwed back into place with my fingernail. Once Betsy is done eating I put her in her crib and race downstairs to remove the cover from her swing and get it into the wash before the dog decides to do something gross like lick the poo. One of the straps is covered in poo too...Myron has to soak it in bleach all evening to get it clean.

Thankfully I was able to laugh at all this craziness instead of cry. I cannot imagine how single mothers do it. Actually, I have some trouble imagining how mothers whose husbands work outside the home do it. Thank goodness for freelancing! Thank God for Myron! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tigger and pink bows

Betsy is starting to stay awake much more during the day lately so I gave her some time with her Tigger play gym for the first time today. She was very interested in the toy with mirrors on it...just like a girl! ;)

Aunt Wendy bought her some adorable tiny hair bows so we had to get a picture of her all decked out in pink wearing one. Is she cute or what?!

Sunday night Betsy slept for a whole 4 hours solid. I actually woke up before she cried and went to check on her just as she was waking up. Last night it was back to the every 2 hours or less routine, but that 4 hour stint gives me hope!

Baby is hungry so that's all for now!

My first time playing with my Tigger toy that Grandma got me! This is fun! Posted by Picasa

My Tigger toy is cool! Posted by Picasa

Practicing my golf grip on Daddy's thumbs Posted by Picasa

Pretty in pink Posted by Picasa

I love cuddling... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Betsy is Three Weeks Old the weeks fly by. Little Betsy is three weeks old today and changing all the time. Grandma and Grandpa are visiting this weekend and she's been enjoying all the cuddles. Here are lots of cuddle pictures, courtesy of Grandma Karen:

Monday, September 12, 2005

First Checkup

Betsy had her first well baby checkup about a half hour ago. She's now 8 lbs 12 oz and 20 1/4 inches long. Growing baby! (who is hungry right now so I have to go!)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Got Milk?

I have one hungry daughter. This girl really likes to eat! It gets a little tiring, especially at night, but I'm glad that she has a healthy appetite. It will be interesting to see what she weighs at her first well baby appointment on Monday. I can already see her developing cute little fat rolls all over! :) Cutie baby!

I love my makes me so sleepy... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Good BP

Took my BP today after I had been doing some organizing in the nursery and it was only 115/86! :) It's going down...yeah!

Tried to get Betsy to nap in her crib today but that lasted about a whole 15 minutes. She really does not like to lay on her back. We may have to put her bouncy seat in her crib and let her sleep in it when we decide to move her out of our room. Silly girl.

Here are a couple pictures for today...sleeping peacefully in her swing. (I was trying to get a shot of her cute smile, but I kept missing it). As you can see, Gideon likes to be near his new little friend and watch out for her. Good puppy! :)