Monday, November 28, 2005

Joel and Wendy...what a cute couple! :) Posted by Picasa

Betsy's first Italian dining experience at Bravo's in Lansing...with Grandma and Grandpa Posted by Picasa

Sleeping in Grandpa's arms Posted by Picasa

Sleeping in Grandma's arms Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tis the Season...

The new toy that everyone will be scrambling to buy this year!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

So Thankful

Today I am thankful...

That I am safe in the arms of God's grace through Jesus

For a wonderful loving family

For kind and warm friends (like the Turners who shared their Thanksgiving with us today!)

For my husband, Myron, who is more loving, caring, generous, passionate, strong, and romantic than I ever dreamed possible...what an incredible man!

For my baby girl, Betsy, and her smiles, coos, laughter, tears, sleepy days and sleepless nights...I wouldn't trade any of it because she is my heart!

For the sweet companionship of one big yellow dog named Gideon

For the furry warmth of a giant tabby named Phoebe

For all the blessings that my Father in heaven has so lavishly bestowed upon me

May your Thanksgiving remind you of your blessings and give you some quiet moments in which to count them!

I love playing with my toys! And that monkey hanging up there on, he's a hoot!  Posted by Picasa

Little baby in the big chair! Posted by Picasa

Am I cute or what in my jeans and sweater vest?! It's from the Gap! Posted by Picasa

Whoa...that flash is bright! Posted by Picasa

Sitting in the big chair all by myself makes me laugh! Posted by Picasa fingers are yummy! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 21, 2005

This is crazy

Check this out...someone has way too much time on their hands...

Be sure to turn your volume makes all the difference.

Haunting and Lovely

Check out this video from Icelandic group Sigur Ros...

Betsy's Big Weekend

This was a big weekend for Betsy. She turned 12 weeks old! She also got to meet her Aunt Grace and cousins Michael, Maria, and Andrew who came to spend Saturday with us. Saturday night she had her first babysitter while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the Over the Rhine concert at Calvin College. Uncle Linford and Aunt Karin (who are the members of Over the Rhine in case you didn't know) dedicated a song to Betsy...the beautiful waltz called "Hush Now." So sweet!

On Sunday morning Uncle Linford and Aunt Karin had breakfast with us and Betsy fell asleep cuddled in Aunt Karin's arms. :)

All that excitement must have taken a lot out of her because she slept for 3 hours Sunday afternoon (Mommy did too!). While the nap was nice, we paid for it with a 2:30 am feeding...that hasn't happened for weeks!

Now Mommy REALLY has to get to work because she has a deadline tomorrow!

Aunt Grace says that I look like cousin Maria when she was my age. Wow...I hope I grow up to be a pretty as she is!! Posted by Picasa

"That's my mom. She's always taking my picture...does your Mom do that to you?"  Posted by Picasa

Having a chat with cousin Maria. Posted by Picasa

Betsy meets her cousins: Michael, Andrew and Maria and their friends Keith and Josh. Posted by Picasa

Betsy and Aunt Karin sharing some giggles! Posted by Picasa

Betsy cuddling with her sweet Aunt Karin while Uncle Linford looks on proudly. Betsy fell into a contented sleep in Aunt Karin's arms. Posted by Picasa

I'm 3 months old now! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 14, 2005

Kicking back with Mommy, watching my Baby Einstein video. What a fun show! Posted by Picasa

Guess who slept through the night again last night? That's right...ME! I'm such a good girl!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13, 2005

10 seconds before I'm in my stroller Posted by Picasa

10 seconds after I'm in my stroller Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005

Look at me boogie! Posted by Picasa