Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At Nowhere Farm Under the Betsy Moon

Last Saturday we spent a beautiful evening with Auntie Karin and Uncle Linford at their farm. Betsy has really come to love them now that we see them more often. She especially latched on to her Aunt Karin and later in the evening asked her to come sit on the swing with her. While they sat on the porch swing, (Karin told me later) Betsy had a heart-to-heart with her Auntie:

Betsy: Our baby died. And I'll never get to hold it. But Mommy and Daddy are going to make a new one and it will probably peek around the door when I'm going potty. It will probably watch me doing it.

Now how's that for poignant and hilarious and random all at the same time! We all had a pretty big laugh over that and also thought it was so precious that she would take Auntie Karin off by herself and talk this over with her.

Chatting on the swing

Watching the full pink moon rise over Nowhere Farm. Auntie Karin dubbed it the Betsy Moon in honor of seeing with Betsy Boo.

Under the light of the Betsy Moon...

Betsy just looked at this picture and sang "We're seein' the Betsy Moon!"

What a precious time. We feel so thankful to have such wonderful family and to finally live close enough to visit like this! :)


Free In Christ said...

What a cutie. She seems like so much fun. Glad that you are keeping track of all the fun things she says.

Worship Intern said...

I miss you guys. Hope all is well.