Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Betsy's Perspective

I talked to Betsy today about the miscarriage, telling her simply that something happened and the baby died and went to heaven to live with Jesus. She's been processing this all day and here are some of her precious little gems:

After telling her the baby went to heaven: "But it will be back soon." Then she picked a flower outside and said, "I picked a flower to help the baby come back."

I told her that we would pray that God would send us another baby. After I had been in the kitchen and came back in the room she said, "Is there a new baby in there yet?" (This one actually makes me laugh pretty heartily.)

Tonight she piped up out of the blue and told Myron, "Mommy said the baby died." We talked about the baby being with Grandpa Detweiler and that Jesus was taking good care of it.

At bedtime I prayed with her and we prayed that Jesus would take good care of the baby. She said, "But it's not here. We'll make another one. We'll make it's toes and it's head. When the sun comes up I will draw a new one."

I'm glad she's working through it in her own way...she obviously feels comfortable enough to talk about it with us, which is really good and she seems to feel sad in her own way, and yet is also very positive about it too. She is such a healing presence to us right now...you can't stay too sad with those sparkling eyes and giggles around. We thank God for her...our precious little gift that we are even more thankful for now.



Maria Elyse said...

Hi Auntie Molly. I love you and I'm prayiing for you all.
Lots of love!

Free In Christ said...

thoughts and prayers to you Molly!

Free In Christ said...

Betsy is quit a smart little one.

Cindi said...

Sweet Betsy. Friend Cindi has meant to call, but the days are flying right on by. I actually feel human again this week, after having quite a time with jetlag.
Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers very, very often.