Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Precious Little Girl

More from Betsy on our loss...I want to record these so I don't forget...

The baby's Mommy and Daddy really miss it.

I said, Yes, we really miss the baby and we don't understand why it happened. Sometimes it just happens.

With a quiver in her voice she said, "I'll never hold the baby."

She really does understand more than we know.

Just now she said, "I'll find another baby." She found a dried bean on the floor (from some we let her play with awhile back) and said, "It's the size of a bean now."

She wants so much to make things better...sweet girl.


Karen said...

Betsy reminds me so much of you when we lost our Betsy...she's wise beyond her years. You were such a comfort to me those many years ago and now she's your comfort. God is so good. I love you...Mama

Cindi said...

The wisdom of a child...

She is precious.

Thank you for posting about the hard stuff of life.