Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love my girl...

Betsy just saw a spider way up on one of our living room windows. Here's her reaction:

B: "Look there's a spider WAY up there! There's spiders all over the place!"

Me: "How do you think it got all the way up there?"

B: "I don't know! [A look of deep thought on her face] It's a clue!"

Me: "Is it a mystery?"

B: "Yes! Maybe it climbed up some stairs? It has really strong legs to get all the way up there!"

She's really into clues and mystery right now...the other day she said she was a "ta-tech-tive" (detective). :)
The first ponytail she ever left in for more than 15 mintues...she actually kept it in for a good hour!

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